I can’t do this because I don’t actually have any coworkers.

More Americans Dating Co-Workers, Survey Finds.

What do you guys think about this?  I’ve always been a staunch opponent of dating where you work.  I see the benefit and the allure…it’s an available pool of peers, and you do spend most of your time with them.  But in my experience, unless I think it’s a life-long love match, I just won’t go there… Let’s just say that I’ve had one too many “Oh god, and now I have to see you every day at work” break-up experiences.

What do you guys think?  Yay for dating Joe Cardigan in the cubical across the way, or keep it your pants, homeboy, we work here (Nay)?

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  1. Mark

    I normally would not have considered dating a co-worker, but after going from an organization of about 70 to one of about 700, I might consider it with someone who I didn’t work closely with. That lessens the potential awkwardness later on if things didn’t work out.

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