#datechat FAQ

#datechat is a weekly #chat on the Twitter (maybe you’ve heard of it?), taking place every Monday night at 7c. Here’s some tips for how to be a joiner -

1. The best way to participate in #datechat (or any Twitter chat, really) is to go to Tweet Chat. Let ‘em have access to your Twitter account of choice and enter the hashtag “#datechat” into the search box. You will then be taken to a nifty feed with everyone else who’s tweeting up #datechat. And the best part? You won’t have to remember to write “#datechat” at the end of every tweet – they’ll just automatically do it for you.

2. When tweeting it up in #datechat, however, it’s best to “@” whomever is hosting the chat (typically @cdatesidekick – that’s me – is, but occasionally we’ll have guest hosts). This will ensure that the majority of your Twitter followers won’t become annoyed with your copious amounts of mysterious tweets.

Unless you want them to be. And if they are, you can just tell ‘em that they should step off and join up with #datechat so they won’t be such irritable losers all the time.

3. The host for the evening will announce the start of #datechat.

4. Introduce yourself! Give yourself a shout-out by telling people your name, maybe your location, and if you’re fancy, your occupation and/or a special hobby.

5. Designate yourself as #green (for single), #yellow (for dating), and #red (for attached). You are not defined by relationship status – you are a precious jewel, far too beautiful and rare to be put into a box such as that one – but it helps for others to have a point of reference for where you’re coming from. Also, #datechat has a sort of reputation for being a hotbed of potential dates. People get asked out after #datechat. It wasn’t something that I planned. It just happened. People saw other singles at #datechat, took initiave, and now #datechat romance is all over the place. So #green it up, and maybe in a few weeks, you’ll be all “I’m #yellow, y’alls!”

Or something like that.

6. Discussion topics will be shouted out by the host with a Q1, Q2, etc.

7. You should answer them by designating your answers with an A1, A2, etc.

8. Questions will usually be posted every 10 minutes, depending on flow of discussion (or lack thereof).

9. If you’re late to #datechat, so what. This isn’t a date. Just come in, introduce yourself, and catch up on the questions you missed (if you want to – it’s not required).

10. Sometimes, due to having different hosts or different topic nights, a question that might have been asked a few months ago might be asked again. This is okay. You are going to live, regardless. Please be polite to the host and just go with it.

11. #datechat ends at 8. Howevs, it’s usually such a great time that people don’t wanna leave. That’s why, after 8, we do an open forum and after-party. Got a burning question you’re dying to ask your fellow #datechatters? Don’t want to shut up yet about how hot sci-fi chicks are? Crack open a wine cooler and let the good times roll!

Also, starting 5.23.11, we’ll be archiving our #datechats for your edification and reference. So even if you have to miss #datechat…you really don’t ever have to miss #datechat.

AND! If you or your company would like to host a #datechat, hit up the contact form and give me the heads up to your swelling desire.

That sounded gross. You’re welcome.