Badge of Honor

Your site/business is FUCKING GENIUS! So well written, cheeky, and humorous.

- Carol Pitts


Cyber Dating Sidekick on Thrillist


I don’t have a big sister, and I think I missed out on a whole slew of dating skills and tips that I would have gotten from a big sister. Hiring Amber was like “hiring” the big sister I’d never had, without the sibling rivalry! I’d been dating online on my own for a while, and it just wasn’t getting me any dates with the kind of boys I wanted to meet. Amber immediately put me at ease with her warmth and great sense of humor. After her expert coaching, I am now confident that the boys I am interested in will be able to tell how awesome I am, and that I will be able to charm them into getting off the Internet and buying me coffee!

- Maggie Malam


Thank you for the help and insight. Just what I need to get back in the game.

- J.B.


You did a great job on the profile!  I’ve been told that a number of times and there are a number of comments I get pretty regularly based on it!

- J. K.