Cyber Dating Sidekick’s mission is to help you launch your online dating adventures from late nights in front of your laptop to late nights in front of a great date.

Because while anyone can do online dating, not everyone can do it without looking like a douche.

What I do: Everything. Except I don’t kiss on the mouth.

Oh wait! That’s a line from Pretty Woman…hold on…


What I do: From helping you craft your online profile to teaching you how to write a message that will actually get a response to shadowing you on a date to save you from Stranger Danger, I’ve got your back. Cyber Dating Sidekick offers both individual one-time services and monthly packages at accessible rates, and will even create a customized package of services upon request to fit your specific needs.

Cyber Dating Sidekick serves every type of client, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or music preference. My specialty, however, is helping my favorite demographic – the Hobbit-reading, Dungeons-&-Dragons-playing, Monty-Python-quoting nerdatrons – learn how to market themselves to the opposite sex so that they may no longer be destined to a lifetime of virginity. Much like Moses, I consider it my calling to lead My People from out of their mom’s basement and into an actual social setting.

This cool place also features a blog (Dear Diary) where you can find great tips, sweet infographics, and observations (both by me and guest bloggers) on dating and relationships. AND, every Monday night at 7c, I also host a #datechat on this really fun thing called Twitter (@cdatesidekick). It’s not only a great forum for talking about dating and relationships, but it’s also become a hotbed of potential dates and hookups. Which wasn’t part of my original plan, but I’m totally okay with it.

So take a look around, maybe cue up some Air Supply to get you in the mood, and prepare to take the dating world by superhero storm.

This site has a theme. I don’t know if you’ve caught onto it yet.