True Identity

Amber L. Carter

Amber L. Carter grew up in Red Wing, MN. Although she has attended many universities, she has yet to graduate from any of them due to just not liking being tied down to showing up to stuff, man. It should be said, however, that she has maintained a 4.0 at all academic institutions and was even a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, a point that she regularly makes to her father whenever he tries to bring it up. Instead, Amber traded in formal education for life experiences in exotic locales such as India, England, and Iowa. Amber is the author of the novel Holiday Chick, the Director of Creative/Social Media at Groucho Sports Supply, and the long-time blogger of An Amber-Colored Life (chosen as one of the Top 10 Minnesota Blogs That Deserve Your Attention in 2010 by MinnPost). She has also appeared in the web-video series Chasing Windmills and in the upcoming feature film The System. This summer and fall, Amber will be leaving her beloved Minneapolis to wander the woods in northern Wisconsin while she completes her second book. She’s a lover of campfires, stars, folk music, beer, ice skating to Air Supply, bodies of water, slow dancing, pine trees, and this crazy thing called the internet. She’s heard it’s going places.