If you cared about being a good friend, you would do it.

Tired of listening to your friends bitch and moan about their online dating adventures?

Or, more to the point, tired of having to bite your tongue when they whine, “What’s wrong with me? What am I doing wrong?”

This holiday season, be a proactive pal (and save your friendship by letting me speak the hard truth for you) by gifting them with dating powers!

One of the more ingenius ways that people have used Cyber Dating Sidekick services is as a gift to their hapless friends. Whether it’s giving them a kick in the pants by getting them started or giving their “Oh yeah…no, your profile’s really…good…online image a makeover, Cyber Dating Sidekick will be your personal (trash-talking, whip-cracking, I-ain’t-your-friend-so-I-don’t-gotta-lie-to-you) Santa.

Or, as one gifting genius did recently, you can also give your friend Cyber Dating Sidekick credits, and then they can pick the services they really want/need. Maybe they’re not going out on dates because they’re actually just scared of Stranger Danger, instead of that same, “There’s no great guys online” story they keep trying to sell you. Maybe, sometimes you don’t know everything about everyone. Maybe you make it hard for people to tell you things. Maybe you should just start letting people make decisions for themselves. Maybe the best way to do that is letting your friend finally have the freedom to decide what’s best for them, instead of you smothering them with your advice and good intentions all the time!

Anyway. Either way, you’re probably going to look really awesome and creative for coming up with such an unexpected gift idea, smartie. So send an email the Cyber Dating Sidekick way, tell me what’s up with your friend, and we’ll get you set up on the path to holiday glory.


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