This song is the f*ckin’ JAM!

So I missed #SoftRockTues yesterday because I took the day off for some book-writin’ and bike-ridin’. Which means that I was listening to the tunes all day…I just wasn’t talking about it on the internet.


This song is the f*ckin’ jam for a variety of reasons.
A., It’s been one of my all-time favorite songs for about 6 years now.
B. It’s Rick James, bitch.
C. Andy Samberg proclaimed it as “the fuckin’ JAM” on the @nerdist podcast. Even though some of us already knew that, it’s nice sometimes just to hear someone else say it.
D. On one of the first episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation, the kids are all at a school dance and even the uber nerd Liberty Van Zandt shows that she’s cool enough to know this song by telling Mr. Simpson (aka, Snake, if you’re cool with the original series) that “This girl? Wants to party all the time.”

So do I, Liberty. So. Do. I.

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