It’s like a Sadie Hawkins dance for those of us who actually liked Sadie Hawkins dances.

By far and away, the number one complaint I hear from my male clients is that they never get approached by women. My typical response is to yawn and roll my eyes. You get paid a dollar to our 75 cents. You don’t get shut out of the entertainment industry if you’re not willing to take your clothes off for the general public.  You don’t have to deal with stuff like tampons, debilitating cramps, or pushing something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon. You get to trade on your sense of humor instead of your dress size. Being approached for dates is the one game in which women have the advantage over men. THE ONE GAME. IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. So shut yer mouth, suck it up cupcake, and write that freaking message.

That’s called #realtalk. Some guys don’t always like it. Which is why I am now happy to have this site to point to as a course of action for them.

On this particular dating site, it’s all in her court. If you’re a guy, you’re not even allowed to make the first move: The girls are the only ones who can make initial contact with potential matches.

However, I’m just going to say this and then shut up about it: Just make sure that you’re not reinforcing laziness, okay? Guys, don’t go on there for the ego boost, because then not only are you lazy, you’re a skeezebag. Girls, if you’re someone who loves to make the first move and take charge in everything, awesome – you, lady, are definitely going to find a keeper by using this site, and you’re going to feel emboldened and empowered by the fact that it’s not only socially acceptable but expected that you do all the approaching. However, for the rest of you lovelies who tend to just want to get the game started and then sit back and let him go back to being in charge…either you’re going to have to employ a lot of psychological trickery to make that happen or you’re going to find yourself continually disappointed (feel free to argue with me about this in the comments). This is not the site for the girls who are looking for an old-fashioned, he-sweeps-me-off-my-feet romance.

For some of you, though, that’s a very good thing. So check out, and make sure to come back here and fill me in on your adventures.

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